Family Friendly Internet and Email Services
Filtered Dialup
Watchdog dialup services offer reliable and affordable connectivity, without the hassle of pornography and SPAM. Through our nearly 22,000 dialup numbers across the country, we are able to offer our services just about anywhere a phone line is available.
Filtered High Speed Dialup
Experience speeds up to 5 times faster than normal dialup with our high speed product. As a bonus, you also get a popup blocker! Check out our Filtered high Speed Dialup Bargin Package. Get High Speed Dialup for $14.95/mth!!! Click here for more details.
Family Protection - The Internet is full of content and websites that are not suitable for your family. With Watchdog, you can control what websites each member of your family sees.
Easy Signup - Signing up for our service will only take a few moments of your time. The signup process is completely automated and technical support associates are standing by to assist you every step of the way.
Seamless Transition - An easy to use transitioning process that will make your switch from other large providers simple. Import your address book, old emails and other important information from your old ISP account
Junkmail Control - Are you tired of receiving mail that you did not ask for? With Watchdog ISP Junkmail Filters you can control what mail makes it to your Inbox.
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