Our Privacy Policy

Ever wonder why it is when you sign up with some ISPs, all of a sudden you start getting email from people you don't know who are trying to sell you things you didn't ask for?

That's because many ISPs make extra money by selling your personal information to marketing companies. For some reason they feel they own you and can do whatever they want with your personal information because you use their service.

Not at watchdogisp.com! We strongly believe in your right to privacy. Your personal information is exactly that -- "your" personal information. Any personal information we receive from you "stays in the family" and is used for administrative and billing purposes only.

Rest assured, we will never share, lease, or sell your personal information to any individual or company for any reason. We also do not share, lease, or sell your email addresses to email list companies or anyone else.

Our web server and email server logs are kept private and not made available to anyone unless ordered to do so by court order or law enforcement involving criminal investigation.

You can feel secure knowing your privacy
is respected at watchdogisp.com!

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