Bargain Package Support

In order to provide a low cost alternative for some of our customers who rarely use our phone based support services, we developed the High Speed Dialup Bargain Package. This package includes all of the features of our normal High Speed Dialup except for unlimited phone based support. With the bargain package, only web based chat and email support services are included. However, phone support can be purchased for the price of $7.50 for a 30 day subscription. This will provide you with unlimited use of phone based technical support services for the entire 30 day period starting on the day you activate the support.

The charges for this support will be billed on the credit card that we have on file for your account and the charges are not refundable.

If you find that you subscribe to the paid phone support regularly, you might consider changing your account to our normal High Speed Dialup which includes unlimited phone support.

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