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The Watchdog web filter appliance is built for high-demand, high-speed network environments. Schools, libraries and businesses can take advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of the filtering without leaving their network. Install the appliance desktop ("cube") or rack-mount server into your network and we do the rest. The blocked site database updates are automatically downloaded from our master servers on a nightly basis.

Our powerful web filter appliance is easy to setup, affordable, and among the most effective Spam fighters on the market.

Features of the web filter appliance include:

• Complete support for 22 categories of filtering
• Internal proxy authentication
• Build your own "custom" categories of blocks
• Filtering profiles can be customized based on login or IP   address and/or IP range
• Administrators can bypass the filter using authentication
• Easy to use web-based administration console
• View logs right from the web, or download them as flat text
• Caching feature reduces bandwidth usage
• Support for remote updates and diagnostics
• Email notifications to administrator
• Blacklist websites
• Whitelist websites
• Custom block or allow lists easily controlled by administrator
• Installation in less than 15 minutes
• Depending on network utilization, one component can   support up to 10,000 users

Click here for our Internet filtering appliance product datasheet.

Contact us by phone at 803-400-2012, email or chat to find out if this solution is right for your business.

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