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Every Watchdog High Speed account includes...

  • Connectivity- Dial up access in over 22,200 locations nationwide
  • Pop-up Blocker- Stop those annoying pop-up advertisements today!
  • Speed- Experience DSL like speeds at the price of dialup...up to 5X faster than normal dialup.
  • 10 Email Accounts- Filtered to be free of Spam and pornography
  • Virus Removal- Your email is scanned as it passes through our servers to make sure it is virus free.
  • Web Filtering- Blocks inappropriate web sites from being accessed
  • Secure History Reports- With these reports at your fingertips, you are in control of your family's Internet experience.
  • Storage- 10 megabytes of personal web storage space
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • My Account Control Panel- Easily modify settings and preferences
  • Web Mail- accessible anywhere in the world
  • Value- starting as low as $20.95 per month, Watchdog is an affordable, dependable, and safe Internet service for your family

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Dialup Quick Facts
Signup Time:
4-8 minutes including download
$20.95 per month unlimited usage
5 times faster than normal 56k dialup
Email and Web Browsing
Pop-up Blocker:
Stop those annoying pop-up ads today!


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