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Filtered Email Appliance | Filtered Internet Appliance

The Watchdog Email Filter Appliance is among the most effective on the market. This is not by accident, but by design. Our technology has been carefully designed and refined over the last several years to meet the demands of today's organization. We understand that most administrators do not enjoy the hassle of loading clunky software onto their server or manually feeding the system inappropriate words. That is why we have worked to make our solution versatile and dependable, yet still a powerful out of the box solution!

Spam increased by 39 % in 2002.
Our powerful email filter appliance is easy to setup, affordable, and among the most effective Spam fighters on the market.

Features: The Watchdog Email Filter Appliance is packed with features designed to provide you with the most effective filtering possible. Out of the box, the system comes pre-configured with the feature combination that we have found to be most popular and effective. As you begin to use the appliance, you can customize the active feature list to meet your specific needs.

Click here for our Email filtering appliance product datasheet.

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