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Watchdog offers a complete line of business and enterprise level solutions to address SPAM and inappropriate use of Internet access. At the business level, our solutions are focused on reducing legal liabilities and increasing productivity. Additionally, our solutions allow you to deliver internet and email to your staff and/or customers in a manner consistent with your values.

Watchdog has both software and hardware solutions for businesses as small as 3 or 4 computers all the way up to literally tens of thousands of users. These solutions are broken into two categories: email filtering and web filtering.

For email filtering, we can offer software and hardware solutions that substantially reduce the amount of SPAM and other unwanted email flowing through the mail servers. Additionally, these tools provide another line of defense against viruses.

For web filtering, we offer up to 33 categories of filtration ranging from things like day trading to the obvious profanity and pornography. Additionally, our web tools provide extensive logging and accountability options.

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